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Name:Ayumi Hamasaki
Location:(states/regions/territories), Japan
Website:official site
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:ayumi hamasaki news & discussion

Welcome to Dreamwidth's first Ayumi Hamasaki community. Here you can post anything related to the jpop queen, including music, icons, scans, news, and general discussion.

A Few Rules
; Be respectful - this means to both the members of the community and to Ayu herself. If you don't agree with the opinions here, fine. You're welcome to share your view, but please don't start a fight.
; If you are posting an image over 400px or more than 3 icons, please use a cut (<*lj-cut>your content<*/lj-cut> - no stars)
; Posts containing media (such as music and videos) must be f-locked.
; Requests for things are fine, but try to check the tags first.
; Have fun, and enjoy yourself! :D

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